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If you are looking for a private investigator, you are at the right place. We are a customer-centric private investigation agency with extensive experience in delivering various services, including:

  • Investigative Services

  • Surveillance

  • Service of Process

  • Skip Tracing

  • Background Profiles

  • Missing Persons Investigations

  • Witness Interviews

  • Social Media/Open Source Intelligence Investigation

Forefront Investigations

Investigative Services

Forefront Investigations provides free, confidential investigative consulting to all our clients. We conduct a thorough case evaluation, gathering all pertinent information. After we have completed the consultation, we create a customized investigative plan and provide a review proposal.


Forefront Investigations conducts a variety of surveillance investigations. Our skilled private investigators have access to databases that will be utilized to gather information and help guide us during our investigation. In addition, we utilize devices such as hidden cameras, camcorders, GPS tracking devices and long-distance cameras for surveillance operations and investigations. We also use various tactics to avoid being detected by those who are under surveillance. As a female owned and operated private investigative company, we find that female private investigators are less conspicuous during surveillance. Thus, allowing females to go undetected while conducting surveillance operations.

  • Child Custody/Visitation Investigations

  • Cohabitation Investigations

  • Infidelity Investigation

  • Witness locates and Interviews

  • Insurance Fraud Investigations

  • Personal Injury Investigations

  • Workers Compensation Investigations

  • Premise Liability Investigations

  • Social Media/Open-Source Investigations

We recommend that our clients connect with an attorney who can advise them on specific needs and/or information that would be of benefit to their case. Allowing us to work directly with your attorney provides attorney/client privilege.

Forefront Investigations

Service of Process and skip tracing

Our team at Forefront Investigations also offers service of legal process.  As licensed private investigators and bonded process servers, we can serve any type of legal document.

The advantage to hiring a private investigator over someone who is solely a process server is that we have access to a variety of data bases that allow us to conduct extensive background investigations or skip tracing/locates prior to attempting service of process. In addition, as private investigators, we are skilled at stakeouts and surveillance for those individuals who may be difficult to locate and serve.

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Background Profiles


Marriage is a huge decision, quite possibly the biggest decision you will ever make. Unfortunately, everyone harbors secrets, even your future spouse or current partner.  One of the best ways to give yourself peace of mind before making such a commitment is to hire a private investigator conduct a background investigation on your future spouse. A premarital background investigation is the best way to safeguard not only your assets, but more importantly, your well-being. Our investigators are highly trained and experienced in conducting background investigations. We understand that this is a sensitive matter, and we always use discretion and sensitivity when conducting these investigations.


Today, more and more people are becoming more inquisitive about their partners past, thus premarital and partner background investigations are becoming more common. One of the reasons for this is the popularity of social media and online dating. It is much easier to hide your history or to have another alter ego online all together. By conducting a background investigation, you may be able to learn about your partners past financial history, criminal records, sex offender registry, driving record, past relationships, social media presence and more. We highly encourage all our clients to have a background investigation done, especially if they see any of the following suspicious behaviors:

  • When they talk about their past, the storyline changes, or lacks detail.
  • They keep their finances well hidden.
  • You discover a secondary cell phone. They keep their phone hidden/silent or off.
  • You uncovered social media accounts you were unaware of.
  • They make up excuses as to why you have not met their family and friends.
  • You have never been invited to their residence.
  • Your intuition is telling you something is just not right.

If you find that you are experiencing any feelings of doubt about your future spouse or current partner, reach out to your investigators for a judgment free consultation.

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Missing Persons Investigation

We at Forefront Investigations understand how important your loved ones are to you. If someone you love has gone missing, hiring a private investigator to help can make all the difference. We will not only utilize all our databases to scour open-source intelligence, but we will also hit the streets in search of your loved one.

Witness Interviews/Statements

Conducting witness interviews and/or statements is an important part of an investigation. Our investigators will canvas the neighborhood near the scene of incident to locate potential witnesses and camera footage. Our private investigators have the skillset to not only locate witnesses but to conduct thorough witness interviews and take statements. 

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Social Media/Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Investigation

Forefront Investigations offers social media and open-source intelligence investigations. Social media and open-source intelligence investigations are utilized to uncover an individual's social media presence and can include and individuals’ presence on a variety of social media platforms, social media posts, status updates, photos, and conversations.